Enhancing Students’ Speaking Skills Using Reflectional Video in Story Telling

Enhancing Students’ Speaking Skills Using Reflectional Video in Story Telling

  • Triana Wuri Cahyanti, Anita Budi Rahayu Universitas Islam Majapahit


Speaking is considered as a difficult skill in teaching English to young learners. Many teachers have problems to teach speaking. This is due to some reasons. Firstly, many teachers taught English in serious atmosphere. They prefered spending the time in class reading textbooks and writing assignments. They rarely devoted their time to speak the language. Therefore, students did not have enough chances to practice speaking in the classroom. Generally, the use of the technology as a teaching aid was mainly aimed at increasing teaching process to be more motivating and appealing for students. One of solutions of the above problems was by using reflectional video in a speaking class especially in story telling. The researcher conducted Classroom Action Research to solve the problem above for the beginner students at the college STKIP PGRI Nganjuk. Finally, the students can overcome their private problem of speaking English by themselves.
Keywords : reflectional video, speaking skill, story telling


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