• Dessy Trisilowaty, Netty Dyah Kurniasari Sri Hidayati Universitas Islam Majapahit


The purpose of this study is to reveal the construction of early marriage in Madura. In addition, it is also to explore the understanding of early marriages about reproductive health. Based on data, in Indonesia girls are the most vulnerable victims. Another study found that firstly, girls from rural areas experienced double vulnerability to be married compared to urban children. Secondly, early marriage often occurs in poor areas. Third, girls who drop out or do not continue school are also more vulnerable than girls who are in school The 2012 Susenas data shows that girls who are married at 10-15 years of age are 11.13 percent, and those who are married between the ages of 10-15 years as much as 32.10% Previous studies showed that women involved in child marriages came from poor families Parents marry off their daughters to reduce the family's economic burden,Parents encourage (force) girls to marry and culture
Keyword: early marriage,girls, Madura


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