• Andhika Cahyono Putra David Agus Prastiyo Ryan Dwi Septyawan



Bicycles are now one of the important means of transportation among students, especially for use at universities where the main parking lot is too far from the lecture building. Various kinds of problems often occur due to the main parking lot that is too far from the lecture building. Like, the difficulties when carrying luggage that is too heavy, students are often exhausted when walking and take a long time to walk to the lecture building. Therefore, many universities in the world have developed special bicycles that are used at universities. This study uses the method and analysis used for the design of the university's bicycle product development, the Quality Function Deployment (QFD) which aims to develop university-specific bicycles using Arduino Uno technology, and added special luggage boxes that have 35 liter capacities, and have a framework which has been designed to be comfortable, safe and attractive for use by all genders.

Keywords: product design and development, university bicycles, quality function deployment.



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